Amir Kadivar

CTO at Streamline Genomics.

Building the data infrastructure for human genomics.

(2021) Drugging the Undruggable Mutation
(2021) Python Objects with a Schema: Data Classes and pydantic
(2021) vN: a Git Branching and Artifact Versioning Model for CI/CD and Data Pipelines
(2020) A Visual Guide to Hypothesis Testing in Classification
(2019) Behavioral Tests in Django
(2019) OOP in Python, A Graded Knowledge Check
(2019) Techniques for Inhomogeneous Linear PDEs
(2018) Conduction in the Heart Wall: Helicoidal Fibers Minimize Diffusion Bias
(2018) Word-Blot: Sensitive Alignment-free Local Similarity Search with kD-Trees (code)
(2017) Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Weak Local Variational Extrema
(2017) Predicting GHF in Greenland: A Machine Learning Approach (code)
(2017) Gradient Boosted Regression Trees, a brief introduction
(2017) Elementary Linear Algebra Fact Sheet
(2017) An Evolutionary Model for the Emergence of Scale-Free Biological Networks (code)
(2016) Measure Theory and Integration
(2016) Genome Assembly with Long Noisy Reads II (supplements)
(2016) Estimation of Coherence in Local Field Potentials (code)
(2016) Synchronization in Cortical Networks
(2016) Syntactic Capacities of Songbirds
(2015) Genome Assembly with Long Noisy Reads I
(2015) Topological Properties of Dynamical Systems
(2014) HowTo: automated, end-to-end web app testing
(2013) Networking with docker containers using Linux kernel transparent proxies
(2013) HowTo: handle MS Access MDB files in Linux
(2011) A Course in Abstract and Numerical Linear Algebra
(2010) Bootstrap and Jacknife; Resampling Methods in Estimator Assessment