Amir Kadivar

Currently: data infrastructure engineer at Stripe.

Previously: CTO at Streamline Genomics. RIP — succumbed to market forces.

Before times: meanderings in CS, music, biology, and math.

(2021) [tech] How do I give my Python classes a schema?
(2021) [tech] vN: dead-simple git branching and artifact versioning for services
(2020) [math] Visual guide to hypothesis testing in classification
(2019) [tech] Tutorial: Behavioral Tests in Django
(2019) [tech] Learning OOP in Python: a graded knowledge check
(2019) [math] Techniques for Inhomogeneous Linear PDEs
(2018) [orig] Conduction in the Heart Wall: Helicoidal Fibers Minimize Diffusion Bias
(2018) [orig] Word-Blot: Sensitive Alignment-free Local Similarity Search with kD-Trees (code)
(2017) [math] Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Weak Local Variational Extrema
(2017) [orig] Predicting GHF in Greenland: A Machine Learning Approach (code)
(2017) [math] Gradient Boosted Regression Trees, a brief introduction
(2017) [math] Elementary Linear Algebra Fact Sheet
(2016) [math] Learning Notes: Measure Theory
(2016) [bio] Genome Assembly with Long Noisy Reads II (supplements)
(2016) [neuro] Estimation of Coherence in Local Field Potentials (code)
(2016) [neuro] Synchronization in Cortical Networks
(2016) [neuro] Syntactic Capacities of Songbirds
(2015) [bio] Genome Assembly with Long Noisy Reads I
(2015) [math] Topological Properties of Dynamical Systems
(2014) [tech] Automated, end-to-end web app testing
(2013) [tech] Networking with docker containers using Linux kernel transparent proxies
(2013) [tech] HowTo: handle MS Access MDB files in Linux
(2011) [math] A Course in Abstract and Numerical Linear Algebra
(2010) [math] Bootstrap and Jacknife; Resampling Methods in Estimator Assessment